Principles of Ekistics can aid Urban Planning

PROF. MADHAV DEOBHAKTA , November 6,2010

Uncontrolled urbanization creates problems like destruction of nature, lack of civic amenities, lack of affordable housing etc. These factors affect individuals as well as the society. Provision of affordable housing, issues like Rain water harvesting, Green buildings, energy conservation can improve the quality of life in our settlements.

The role of urban planners should be such that they rely upon research done by reliable agencies and base their plans with Anthropos as the key element. Their plans need to be discussed among all stake holders. The implementation of schemes should be within a set time frame and within prescribed / reasonable costs. The quality needs to be controlled effectively and there must be constant / periodical supervision and maintenance. There should be public participation at every stage of planning and execution of plans/projects.

The World Society for Ekistics was formed to study human patterns of living and their physical expression in the past, present and future. WSE advocates every planning process around Anthropos (Greek word for Man and Woman) in which all stake-holders are consulted in framing plans, projects etc and are also consulted in their implementation and management after completion. WSE creates awareness about Ekistics through symposions like the one we have organized in Mumbai, Pune and Lavasa from Nov. 07 till Nov. 12. There will be three Public lectures on Ekistics-related themes.

Another important way is to promote education in Ekistics at under-graduate and post graduate level. Such courses are being offered in Jamia Milia Islamia in New Delhi, Taiwan, Columbia and Japan.

At local and community level we Ekisticians are involved in community development projects, education, Access for the physically challenged, establishment of work centres for women, etc. We have an Ekistics Skills Exchange through which voluntary services are given to those who seek our help.Principles of Ekistics will certainly help Planners and Decision-makers in their assignments because it has a scientific and mathematical framework.


photo credit: mertxe iturrioz

Principles of Ekistics can aid Urban Planning

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