Emerging career in Ekistics


Ekistics is a branch of science which deals with the human habitat, settlements and the various measures to be taken in context of it. Ekistics also includes planning and designing of cities, regions and communities. The roots of ekistics are very ancient and date back to the times of our ancestors. Ekistics is composed of many components which are covered under the study of architectures .The plans of establishing habitats are laid out after doing a thorough analysis of human behavior, wants, needs and psychology, and also the physical environment, geography, oncology etc in which the humans have to reside in. Ekistics is structured into five basic elements which are nature, anthrop, society, shells and networks. The ultimate aim of ekistics is to ensure an interdependent and harmonious balance between the inhabitants of a particular settlement as well the physical or socio-cultural environment prevalent around them.

Courses categorized under Ekistics

Career possibilities of the job

This field is particularly for those who are smart and have the ability to be pro active. It is also required that the candidate should remain self-motivated if he or she is subjected to work in cross functional areas. If a candidate can prove to be as flexible as the requirements, then promotions at an accelerated rate are surely guaranteed to the candidate. If one has an expertise in public consultation which is inclusive of client meetings, group presentations etc. then one can expect a fat salary to be credited in his or her account every month. One can also choose to lead and direct the junior staff by choosing to be a supervisor. This will help to generate new project opportunities and provide guidance to internal initiatives. Ekistics relies heavily on documentation, so few of the aspirants can also diverge themselves to the writing arena. The publications have a mass appeal and demand. So a career in ekistics writing seems to be promising as well.

Industries hiring

Be it an official or a residential locality, none of them could be possibly set up without the directions and suggestions of an ekistics practitioner. There are numerous firms who are involved in business of household consulting, urban planning, sustainable energy solutions and other environment concerned organizations. They are the primary employers of ekistics practitioners. EKISTICS Town Planning Inc. is one of them.

Approximate salary to be expected at the entry level

Ekistics is one of the primary needs whenever a civilization needs to get settled and the number of civilizations has been growing since its birth. That is why the ekistics practitioners are in continuous demand every time. The incentives offered are good as per the industry standards. Salary is commensurate with the skill set. However the full time employees may get incentives for professional development goals. For visits to remote locations, health care packages and other perks may also be attached with the package.

Pre qualifications required to join the stream

  • One must pass the +2 level with physics, chemistry and mathematics.
  • One must clear entrance tests and complete the course successfully with no backlogs.
  • The candidate can pursue a bachelor’s or master’s course in landscape architecture or other related fields. Work experience will be an added advantage.
  • The candidate should have a high proficiency in drafting computerized reports.

Best places in India to study the course

  • Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi
  • Department of Architecture and Planning, IIT Roorkee and Kharagpur
  • School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
  • Department of Architecture, NIT Calicut
  • Department of Architecture, NIT Tiruchirappalli

Best places in world to study the course

  • Auckland University, New Zealand
  • North Carolina University College of design, United States


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